Monday, July 21, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

precis 8


3rd floor plan

2nd floor plan

1st floor plan

basement level plan

precis 7

i was encouraged to explore ways of offering a unique point-of-view of the artists as they work, by elevating the audience to peer down on them. while excavation downward was encouraged, it proves difficult to offer ample linear square footage for this. i was also concerned about providing daylighting to artists if they were lowered. as a way to offer this idea, i have changed the 2nd floor to a viewing area, and added a loft where visitors can peer down to the 1st floor and view work. this maintains lighting on the first floor for them.

precis 6

Monday, June 23, 2008

precis 5

after an extremely helpful peer review last week, i feel that i am finally moving forward to where i should be in the design process. as my precis explains, i am finally joining my concept ideas with the aesthetics and programming needs of the space.

precis 4

this week we looked at the codes and ergonomic considerations that must be made for our spaces. we also had a review on monday, and natural lighting, material choices, and entry/exit pathways were brought up as concerns. i am looking into how to provide a "storefront" effect to face out on elm street, and allow passers by to enter the building safely and easily.